Sample Success Stories

We take a huge amount of satisfaction in helping our client's overcome their adversity. Helping someone regain hope after they had given up on life is one of the most rewarding feelings imaginable, and below is a sample of some of our past client's and their story. (All used with permission)

I'm 32, happily married and love my job, this shouldnt happen to me? 

Most of the people in Lyndsay's life, in fact ALL of the people in her life, looked at her and saw success and happiness. She had a great job where she could work from home, was well respected and had a partner who shared the same qualities as her. After learning about the concept of Coaching through one of her friends who had partaken in it, Lyndsay decided to give it a try, not necessarily because she felt she needed it but because she wanted to take any opportunity she could have to advance her mind.

After a 1 hour consultation, it became apparent that everything in Lyndsay's life wasn't as rosy as it seemed looking in from the outside. She had even gone to that initial session with her shield up, convincing herself that her life was as ideal as everybody assumed it was. It was one question that began to uncover the truth about her life.

                                                                            "What challenges you?"

After initially dancing around the question quite well, she was pushed for an answer and she eventually responded with "The expectation of being happy all the time"

After some digging, it transpired that Lyndsay's life had pretty much been dictated to her. She had a passion for dancing, however was pushed away from it by her father, and later in life when she wanted to get back into it, her partner decided against it for her as he liked the idea of her being at home. Lyndsay never really put up much of a fight. Because she lived in a nice home, dressed well, was in great shape and had a thriving online business, she was viewed as a success. However, effectively, Lyndsay had always been living a life that other people wanted her to.

So, despite the fact that she had been living with this truth in her mind, Lyndsay's crisis begun the second she openly admitted that she wasn't as happy as she seemed. She began to open up about the stress and depression she had felt at times over the years. Lyndsay was assured that she had done the right thing by speaking up, and she felt comfortable beginning the coaching process to help her understand and combat this crisis.

Lyndsay enrolled in 2 months worth of coaching, which she requested take place at her home whilst her partner was at work, so he wouldn't find out. David (the coach) agreed to this for one session only, stipulating that the husband should be fully aware of future coaching sessions. Much of the work done in that first session centred around preparation for the conversation where Lyndsay would finally fully relay her true feelings and the fact that she was obtaining coaching assistance to help her process things. It transpired that the husband was more than understanding of the situation, and offered to soften his stance on certain things that he didn't realize had caused so much stress. After the 2 months of coaching were complete, Lyndsay felt that she had taken so much stress off her shoulders and that depression about her lifestyle and any expectation that came with it were now a thing of the past.

4 months after the coaching sessions ended, Lyndsay began dancing again and in the spring of 2017, opened up her own studio which has proved to be very successful. Her husband manages the accounts of the studio.

Lyndsay sent correspondence to David in early 2017, part of which contained the following;

"David, I wanted to reach out and thank you again. I know I have already said it a million times but I am just so grateful for everything you helped me with. I was living through a full-on existential crisis and would never have opened up about it had it not been for the level of care you showed me. I always knew I had problems deep down and thats why I contacted a life coach in the first place, and looking back now I know that you knew there was more to my story than some chick who wanted to know more about coaching. I am in a much better place mentally now, so thank you again"

- Lyndsay H, Florida