Sample Success Stories

Pile of Pills

Mike was a professional runner who had sustained extensive knee ligament damage during the Sydney half marathon. After being told that his competitive running days were over, Mike initially took the news in his stride, and was placed on a pain management program to enable him to perform daily tasks a little more comfortably. Over time, Mike's knee healed to a stage where he could do some light cycling and the pain subsided enough that there was no need for him to continue on his current medication. However, for around a year, Mike did not stop taking the medication and in some cases took considerably more than the originally prescribed amount. Despite Mike knowing - and physiotherapists telling him - that the pain was no longer an issue, Mike found it extremely difficult to stop taking the medication, and would source the strongest painkillers he could over the counter and visit different walk in clinics trying to source something stronger.

Mike was eventually referred to one of our coaches, and it became immediately obvious that Mike was indeed an addict. He simply could not function without his pills, even though they really weren't serving any other purpose that to satisfy his addiction.

Utilizing cognitive behavioural therapy, we were able to let Mike see for himself exactly why his thoughts and feelings around the pain and the medication had become so severe that it had changed who he was as a person, and that the knock on effect was that his family could not understand why he had to still be on such a high dosage. Mike had chosen to tell his family that the physiotherapists and doctors had recommended that he keep taking them, even though the over consumption would cause side effects that impacted Mike himself and his family. 

Mike was able to identify what thoughts and feelings needed to change utilizing the "catch it, check it, change it" metric, and within a few months of work, Mike's desire to keep taking medication decreased to the extent that he stopped buying them and accepted that his pain was manageable without them. No longer did Mike load his body with painkillers prior to going for a cycle, he simply just went and after 6 months and another visit to the physiotherapist, he discovered that the cartilage and ligaments in his knee had healed better than anticipated, and that he would be able to do some light impact running again on grass. You can now find Mike at the oval near Sydney wanderers ground running 5 times a week, naturally pain free.