Strengthening Readiness for Change 

We like to focus on the following eight criteria to help increase a persons readiness for change:

  1. Understanding the importance of initially taking personal responsibility for your Big Mistakes.

  2. Understanding the self-defeating impacts (on self and others).

  3. Knowing how to show remorse and make an effective apology. 

  4. Deepen ones understanding why the "Big Mistake" happened in the first place.

  5. Being willing to visit and re-visit (debrief, talk over or reflect on) the situation where you "Big Mistake"over and over (as required by the other person or persons you have negatively impacted) to help them process any hurt.

  6. Increase your desire to get to the root cause of the current "why" the mistake occurred while exploring older "historic why's" from earlier stages of your life. Observe trends, coping strategies, behaviours or beliefs. 

  7. Be open to adjustments in your personal mind-set so you, the perpetrator can learn how to change your motives and / or move from the unconscious position to a more conscious-use-of-self approach.   

  8. Put steps in place to ensure relapse and mistake does not occur.