Crisis Coaching

There is usually a fearful stigma attached to the word "crisis", so you may take some comfort in knowing that it was originally a Greek word (Krisis) that was defined as making a choice. This is a much more empowering way of looking at your own "crisis" as it resonates with what a Nadir experience is - one of the lowest times in your life, which when navigated correctly, will yield positive influence on your life for years to come.​

Anxiety and stress are natural responses we mobilize in our reaction to threatening situations. Even when those situations seem overwhelming we can learn to cope better by changing our thoughts and behaviours. We recognize many of our social engagements with others go very well, then some of the time... we get triggered. We like to call this the 83 / 17 % rule. Here is a short article and journey to help you understand a little about what is going on and why you get stressed.

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and anxious? At a loss for how to cope? Long to feel calmer, more grounded? Tired of medications and looking for natural therapies?

Utilizing mindset assessment tools from Human Synergistics, we are able to pinpoint the areas of your life that may be contributing to negative stimulus. By also making you aware of the realities of your subconscious thinking, we can identify the catalyst for change in your mindset, and equip you better mentally to deal with and mitigate stressful situations.


Do any of the following apply to you?

Common emotional and behavioral signs and symptoms of stress:

- You feel tired during the day, even though you have had sufficient sleep..

- You feel low and worried and do not care about what is going on around you.

- You react in a completely new way to everyday events.

- You are easily annoyed and impatient even over the smallest things.

- You have problems concentrating and easily forget things.

- You are not getting enough sleep/you have difficulties falling asleep/you wake up and cannot go back to sleep.

- You constantly feel agitated and find it impossible to relax.

- You eat more or less than you usually do.

- You consume alcohol, drugs and/or medication to make you calm.

Common physical signs and symptoms of stress:

- Headaches

- Stomach ache

- Increased heart rate

- Feeling nauseous and dizzy

- Decreased interest in sexual activities

Through the usage of our world class scientific assessment tools, our qualified coaches can assist in helping you process all of these emotions, help you gain insights through an exploration of your signs and symptoms and how and why you trigger into stress-based responses.

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