David's Story

"The Grief Coach"

David was born in Denny, Scotland in 1987, to Maureen and Graham Garner. He became baby brother to Jay, born in 1981.


David was an elite level soccer player as a youngster, representing his nation’s under 16 team at the age of twelve. His Father attended every match, and was supposed to be in attendance on September 30th 1999, whilst David was representing his high school team amidst the presence of several well-known scouts. David’s dad never made it to the game, and by the following day was recorded as a missing person. As the weeks passed, the national press picked up the story amidst speculation that he may have staged his own disappearance. After 7 weeks of torment, his body was eventually found on the mountain where he had gone for a run on the afternoon of September 30th. He had suffered a massive heart attack and fallen into an area of the hill where rescuers couldn’t see him.


Less than a year later, and aged 13, David returned home from a shopping trip with his mother to find his brother Jay, aged 18, dead in the family home. David discovered his brother and realized that he had taken his own life, however he took steps to ensure that his Mother would not have to see the same image that David was met with. David had just begun his second year of high school around this time.


In 2005, whilst David was completing his High school exams that would enable him entry to university, David’s mum Maureen discovered that she had a very aggressive form of breast cancer. Whilst David sat his final exam, she underwent a life saving mastectomy, resulting in several years of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and ultimately reconstruction. During this time, Maureen was unable to work so David worked around 30 hours a week whilst also attending University to achieve his degree.


As money got tighter and his mum’s health remained at a minimum, David embarked on a career as a Police officer. Whilst on duty, David volunteered to deliver death messages to families who had someone pass away unexpectedly. David became accustomed to this, delivering more than 50 death messages in his time as a Police Officer.


In 2011, Maureen’s cancer returned and on a Wednesday in early February, doctors told David that his mother would not survive past the weekend. The decision was made that Maureen would rather be at home than in a hospice, and thus David became her personal carer, receiving a minimal amount of assistance from palliative care nurses.David’s mum survived the first weekend and was able to see in her 54th birthday some 4 weeks after her initial prognosis. David slept for around 2 hours per day always at his mother’s bedside, often spending several hours rubbing ice cubes on her mouth so that her lips didn't completely dry up and she was able to speak.


4 days after her birthday, Maureen passed away, and a few days later David gave the eulogy at her funeral, which he and his mother had planned while she was still compos mentis. David returned to the Police force, however decided that he wanted all the suffering in his life to not have been for nothing. He sought out pastures new in Australia and became a qualified Life Coach practitioner, specializing in helping his client’s overcome tragedy. He moved to Canada in 2013 where he continued his work, which he views as a moral obligation due to his beliefs that people needn’t suffer so horribly during times of loss.


Now aged 32, David has not consumed a drop of alcohol, smoked, or taken any medication. He attributes his attitude towards life entirely to reinforcing the subconscious mind with positive thoughts, writing down goals and firmly believes that any obstacle in life can be overcome with positive outcomes.

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