Constructive Mindset Institute


The Constructive Mindset Institute was formed in 2018, and is the online culmination of our work surrounding human mindset, growth and development, organized onto a world-renowned online learning platform. These courses will help you understand some of the key tips and strategies that will help you learn - and grow from - your Nadir Experiences.

We currently offer the following courses;

The meaning Of Grief: Explore some of life’s most difficult challenges, and learn why suffering through tough times can be one of the most character building moments of your life. You will learn how to extract the positives from your grief, and understand the benefits this will have on your mentality now, and in the future.

Change your mindset Change the world: Learn more about the connection of the human mindset, the impacts you are having on the yourself, others and the world at large. Journey into the depth of how we are wired to connect, help others, manage our insecurities and act more constructively. You will gain key insights and choices to explore how you might consider strengthening your contribution to helping make a difference in changing the world for the better.

The science of mindset and wellbeing: Journey into the complexity of mindset and learn more about why you do what you do and feel how you feel. This rewarding and innovative e-workshop will change the lens through which you see your mindset, and provide you with a solid action plan for making changes that benefit your lifestyle and sense of well-being.

The science of forgiveness: When one person has wronged another, that wrong may result in powerful emotions of resentment, including anger, sorrow, and even hatred at having been harmed. When the two have been friends, workmates or intimate partners, such resentment undermines or destroys their previous relationship: affection and warmth, confidence and trust, may cease to exist. Such a situation is the background to the science of forgiveness. Join us to learn how forgiveness can be a route to reconciliation and the restoration of trust.

We will be continuously adding to our institute a multitude of courses designed to improve and impact your mindset.


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