Mid-Life Passage Entry Points

We have four Mid-Life Passage Coaching entry points; 

  1. You have strong intensity to your stress, an unsettled mind, stuck in a rut and nervous about asking for help. 

  2. You are aging and keep putting off getting support while the stress and crisis increases in frequency and depth. 

  3. You or someone you know has a significant number of the signs and symptoms of a mid-life crisis and they are struggling with what to do about it. 

  4. You or someone you know is withdrawing from work and close personal relationships and you want to ensure you get them in-depth support.

Methuselah - The Oldest Tree in the World

But it was just a tree standing there, not doing anything but surviving — surviving for just short of 5,000 years. That old Bristlecone Pine, named Methuselah after the oldest patriarch in the bible, has stood in that one spot up in the Inyo National Forest for over 4,770 years.


Addictions Coaching Entry Points

We have the following coaching entry points:

  1. You are consciously addicted to something, and are looking to discover why knowledge of your mindset is so important before tackling the addiction head-on.

  2. You have a friend who may be addicted to something and you would like to provide them with a “discovery conversation” to see if our process can help them out.

  3. You are currently taking steps to overcome an addiction, and are looking at ways to strengthen the likelihood of success and keeping that addiction a thing of the past.

  4. You have recovered from an addiction, and would like to gain more knowledge on what role your mindset played so as to better understand your capabilities, and be able to offer support to other's suffering through similar addictions.

 To book a coaching session, please contact;

Frank Gallant

902.499.7585 (c)