What is Grief Coaching?

Grief coaching stems from the idea that many people who have endured traumatic and life changing circumstances can benefit from specifically focused one on one coaching sessions. These are facilitated by our experienced Grief Coach who will assist the grieving person through meaningful, heart felt dialogue. The methodology of the grief coaching process is based on the following principles;


  • Individual uniqueness

  • Compassion and empathy

  • Peer support

  • Honest dialogue


An essential feature of the coaching process is the degree to which the interactions between the coach and grieving person are effectively customized according to differing sets of circumstances, capabilities and intentions.

Why Hire a Grief Coach?

Because of each person’s uniqueness, the relationship between coach and client develops both dynamically and naturally, thus leading to individuals maintaining different benefits throughout the process. Working with a grief coach, you will be better able to;


  • Deal with life in the face of loss and pain

  • Cope and process intense emotions

  • Handle family and social relations

  • Understand the role the loss played in influencing your life

  • Find true meaning in what has happened and why

  • Learn how to extract the positives from your situation.


The overall goal of grief coaching is to explore and process feelings, strengths, and untapped capabilities, ultimately recognizing the thoughts that may be hindering the healing process.

It is also important that the Coach is able to empathize and truly understand grief. Our Grief coach has endured several traumatic events in his lifetime, however has been able to look objectively at how he dealt with his own situation, and develop tools and strategies that can be utilized to help client’s cope better with their own circumstances.

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