Addictions Coaching

The Challenges of Addictions

We are offering our Addictions coaching support because we believe in self-actualizing (growth through nadir experiences) and because we feel most people can work towards resolution with the right support.


In life, you will make mistakes. Sometimes really big mistakes. Even with the best intentions sometimes you’ll even make the same mistake more than once, hurting and negatively impacting yourself and others around you.


Your trust with others, the strengthen of your relationships or personal credibility can be on the line.  

The Remorse of Orestes

If your mistake was motivational (intended to hurt) or a triggered reaction from an unconscious passive or aggressive behaviour (unintended but still hurtful) – the end result is the same, your behaviour has impacted another and in the end, yourself. The story is often the same: you had a strong emotional reaction, sudden onset, and "when you reflect later, you realize it was inappropriate". 


Human beings judge people more based on their “behaviour” than their “I intent.” It is often the motivation or intent that causes the greatest harm or impact… and we all know how we feel after one of these mistakes. Our ineffective motivations are complex, arising from a huge magnitude of places and can always be found in the unconscious mindset. We have seen time and time again many unintended unconscious behavioural impacts that come from a persons reaction to an external stimuli.


To explore a few examples, click here:

An unworked on ineffective mindset / thinking styles will always unconsciously trigger motivations and behaviours – leading to a mistake or unintended impact. And if you’re human, which I’m assuming you are, one of two things will happen. Either you’ll adopt a victim mentality and convince yourself it was all someone else’s fault (not taking personal responsibility), or you will see it as your own fault and be wracked with guilt and shame. Individuals that do not advance their management of their ineffective mindsets will continue on-going self-defeating behaviours. We can help this stop.  


We have a revolutionary five-stage process to heal relationships, let go of anger and blame, find peace while ensuring forgiveness for self and with others. We then work to deepen yourself awareness of the strengths and weaknesses within your mindset to move forward with a more conscious-use-of-self. This in-depth coaching approach will help safeguard your credibility through stronger self-regulation techniques and the management of your ineffective thinking styles.  

 We have four coaching entry points: 


  1. You have messed up, want to make things right and require support moving forward; 

  2. You have a friend who has messed up and you would like to provide them with a “discovery conversation” to see if our process can help them out.  

  3. You or someone you know is thinking of acting out of character or on the edge of a significant mistake and you want some third party support to understand what is going on in your head (mindset) and help to ensure you will not act upon your ineffective motives.  

  4. You or someone you know in society who has messed up (publically know or not) and you would like for us to reach out to them with an invitation for some one-on-one "Big Mistakes" coaching.  


You will hurt people in lots of little ways. There is simply no way to side-step this, unless you spend your whole life living alone in a cave. Our concern are the “big hurts” and you will continue to hurt yourself, people close to you, and people not so close… but the closer they are, the more likely you are to hurt them if you can’t get a handle on your ineffective thinking styles.   


We would be pleased to help turn your nadir experience into a growth experience and help strengthen your mindset so you can feel confident that you can live with more integrity, love and authenticity. The only person you can change is yourself. 


If you are struggling to accept responsibility for your actions or you decide you are ready to move forward, we would be pleased to help. 

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