LSI "Mindset" Assessment

Our World Class Assessment Tools from Human Synergistics International™

We utilize world class assessment tools from Human Synergistics to compliment many of our coaching services and to enhance your self awareness, help you move forward from nadir situations and to leverage learning experience. Used around the world by millions of clients annually, these assessments have been extensively researched and provide insight into the behavioural effects of thinking patterns, self concept, leadership and overall life effectiveness.

If you agree with the adage that ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words’, you’ll understand the beauty of the Human Synergistics Circumplex. With this practical visual device, you:

  • Can ‘see’ the thinking and behavioural styles that are driving or hindering your healing process.  

  • Have access to a common ‘language’ that you can use to quantify and discuss individuals’ or interpersonal behavioural styles and approaches, while providing insights into the culture of your family, organization or community. 

  • Have a foundation for developing conscious self awareness for yourself, helping people get unstuck, improving performance and enriching your life.

A ground-breaking innovation when it was developed in 1971, and regularly reviewed and refined since then, the Circumplex has been applied and endorsed by millions of clients around the world – a true testament to its validity, relevance and value.

How Does The Circumplex Work? 

As you can see in the image, it breaks down the factors underlying motivational or mindset effectiveness (at individual, group and organizational levels) according to 12 behaviours or styles.

These behaviours or styles are further grouped according to three general style clusters:

  • Constructive styles encourage the attainment of personal goals through people engagement; promote empathy, compassion, collaboration and trust; and enhance individual adaptability, recovery and overall effectiveness.

  • Aggressive/Defensive styles lead people to focus on their own needs at the expense of those of their relationships and / or family, and lead to negative stress, isolation, distrust and an increase in self-defeating behaviours. Leads to hit or miss results. 

  • Passive/Defensive styles lead people to give up their power to others, stifle their own values, creativity and initiative, and allow their life to stagnate. Slow to no response of often leaving the decision or problem for others to make and solve. 

™ Human Synergistics and their associated tools are registered trademark of Human Synergistics International.

All of our associates are certified coaches for the use of the assessment tools by Human Synergistics Canada