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The Life Styles Inventory (LSI) mindset process offer you a customized individual mindset assessment from Human Synergistics International – the global leader in research and assessment work on the human mindset. By commissions your own customized “mindset” profile, you’ll receive a personal 1:1 debriefing session highlighting your key thinking and behavioural styles providing you with insights into your strengths and areas for development. This powerful process will provide you with a framework and heightened personal awareness and empower you to embark on your journeys to being better at – and enjoying more – everything you do.

Profiling Options & Fees

If you are commissioning your own profile there are several options with different prices. We require all individuals receiving an LSI “Mindset” assessment to receive a coaching debrief from one of our authorized Human Synergistics International coaches. When you purchase a customized mindset assessment, one of our associates will be in touch with you within 24 hours to set you up to complete your mindset assessment and to schedule a time (1.5 hours) for you to join in on a group debriefing session.

Life Styles Inventory™

Research and development by Robert A. Cooke, Ph.D. and J. Clayton Lafferty, Ph.D.


The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) is an assessment tool that uses both self-assessment and colleague feedback to identify individual thinking and behavioural styles - what we like to call "mindset." By providing insights into strengths and areas for development, it empowers people to embark on their own journeys to being better at, and enjoying more, everything they do and /or to recover more effectively from life's difficulties. 

The LSI "mindset" assessment tool has helped millions of people to understand and change the way they think and behave. Our associates have assessment over 10,000 people looking to help make their relationships and lives stronger. It has also received great feedback on LinkedIn, and been referenced in numerous management and psychology books and journals, and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal.

How The Process Works

The LSI "mindset" assessment process has three key parts:

The capacity for growth depends on one’s ability to internalize and to take personal responsibility. If we forever see our life as a problem caused by others, a problem to be “solved,” then no change will occur.  If one is deficient in courage, no revisioning can occur. The LSI "mindset" process consists of three parts: insight, endurance, and action.

  1. Insight. The LSI mindset assessment provides the necessary insights for personal self awareness. The individual self-assesses their thinking styles, personal effectiveness and satisfaction at work and home. 

  2. Endurance. The data collected in this assessment process is processed electronically. The results of your customized assessment help to identify an individual’s confirmed strengths, unrecognised strengths, blind spots and stumbling blocks. This allows individuals the courage to endure and strengthen conscious self-awareness. 

  3. Action. We then support individuals to focus on the key developmental aspects of their thinking styles to allow them to make a more conscious-use-of-self. 

The results and any recommendations are then presented to the individual in a comprehensive, confidential report.

All of our associates are certified / accredited by Human Synergistics and we will guide you through the findings and help you to develop a strategy to change the way you think and therefore behave. 

The LSI surveys are available online and on almost any digital device, as well as in hard copy.