Sample Success Stories

We take a huge amount of satisfaction in helping our client's overcome their adversity. Helping someone regain hope after they had given up on life is one of the most rewarding feelings imaginable, and below is a sample of some of our past client's and their story. (All used with permission)

The Valetic Family Melbourne, Australia

This is the wreckage of a vehicle on the Princess Highway in Victoria, Australia.​ For reasons unknown, a motorist decided to drive on the wrong side of the highway, and after avoiding several cars, smashed head on with the car picture above. 5 people were killed instantly, including the driver of the vehicle that caused the crash.

One of the passengers in the vehicle was Casey Valetic, a 24 year old mother of a small child. Casey was survived by her sister and Mother, both of whom understandably took things very hard.

A friend of the family had recently begun coaching work with David, a grief specialist, and asked him if he could help and get in touch with the Valetic family, as after a few weeks since the tragedy had occurred, things had began to spiral out of control. Although initially reluctant to speak with anyone, the Valetic family eventually agreed to meet with David and after spending 4 hours with them, they were able to agree upon further grief coaching sessions, and thus David designed a plan that would help them cope better with the loss.

One of the main things The Valetic's had difficulty with was that the person who caused the crash had been killed instantly. They believed she had intended to take her own life anyway, and could not process why this person would seemingly deliberately try and take other people with her. They felt robbed of the chance to confront the person who had changed their life's for the worse, forever. Focussing on positive reinforcement, David was able to shift the families thought process from blame and frustration to a place of comfort, derived from a deepening belief that the family simply had to accept the whole reality of the situation in order to move on.

Mrs Valetic was also deeply concerned about her departed daughter's infant child, who would grow up never knowing her Mother. Again, David was able to help them accept their reality, and the family worked diligently to devise a plan for raising the child. By shifting the focus to planning for the future, the family had been reintroduced to the concept of hope, which a few weeks ago seemed all but lost.

David continued to meet with the family regularly for a period of 6 months, and felt that they had enough of a foundation to move forwards with their life and live on in memory of their daughter/sister. They had been provided with a methodology that didn't promise to make everything okay, but it would definitely help them be able to cope and process their emotions better.

Around 2 years after their last coaching session, David received an email from Mrs Valetic, some of the text which read;

"Thank you so much for everything you did for us. When Casey was killed in that accident, I felt like the world had swallowed me up with no intention of ever spitting me back out. When you first approached us, we were so against receiving any kind of help as we just didn't believe anything would work. Now, thanks to what you did, we are moving on so well with our lives. Jaime (the other daughter) was able to graduate from her degree and has recently just started working in her dream sector. Cassia (her Granddaughter) is such a sweet little thing, and I am doing the best job I can to raise her. I have also found someone in my life who is a great partner and a great influence on the three of us. We never thought we would get to a point in our life where we could be truly happy again, and although we still miss Casey every single day, we prefer to think about the good memories and know that we have to honour her life by being the best we can be, just like you told us. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart"