Support For Stress Leave

From 1995 through to the 4th Quarter of 2017, Stress related absence from work has increased three-fold across Canada. These absences average out at 20 days, and contribute to approximately $4.5 billion of a loss to the economy. Ironically, Health Canada studies have shown that for every $1 invested in stress prevention in the workplace, it can amount to around $3.40 in future savings.

Utilizing our mindset assessment tools and our in-depth coaching techniques, we offer our services to employers who have staff members that have been identified as having Grief, Anxiety, Depression and Mid-life crisis issues and need to take time off work to have these stress related issues resolved. Our goal is to get to the root cause of the problem, and provide both the employer and employee with a thoroughly designed path towards reintegration, and ensure that the chances of reoccurrence are as small as possible.

We believe that the reintegration is much more likely to be successful when as much time as possible is taken during the "recovery process". Our experts will work diligently with your staff member/s and help them not only understanding where their issues arise from, but also learning how to extract more positively from it.

If you are an employer who believes they have underlying, unresolved problems with stress in the workplace, here are some ways you can be more immediately accommodating:

  • Reassignment/different responsibilities

  • Re-bundle tasks to provide more meaningful work

  • Special equipment (If required)

  • Revise expectations of role

  • More flexible hours

We offer our stress coaching services from an initial needs assessment supported by one of our coaching packages that best meets your situation. We understand the overall goal is to have your employee back at work and performing at their best as soon as possible. Therefore, we endeavour to have your staff member ready to return within two weeks (1 week less than the average amount of time taken off for stress) and will continue to work with them until they are fully reintegrated. For those out on long term stress leave, we can provide more in-depth customized coaching packages.


For more information, please contact David at  +1 902-441-1513

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