"David was able to open my mind up in so many different ways, and it really helped me get out of the hole I was in. You really get the sense that he listens to every single word and offers his input at the right time"


Alex Ryan - Ambassador for Nike Run

"In two sessions with David, I learned so much about how my approach to my daily life wasn't the most effective, and he was able to get to the root of some of my personal issues and give me solutions that work. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking to better themselves in their personal life"

Mike Marquez - Miami Beach Business Owner

"Coaching sessions with David were so eye opening, you really feel like he becomes deeply involved in your issues and will do what is necessary to help you overcome them. I have never felt so listened to, and I was very grateful that he let me speak so much so that he could understand my whole story, as opposed to him just making constant recommendations"


Santina Gentile - Executive associate at TD Bank, Toronto

"Working with David feels like you are taking William Wallace into battle with you! He listens intently and offers a different way of combatting some of the inner struggles that we all have. Our sessions would regularly go over the scheduled time, and not once did it seem like he was rushing to get things finished. I was able to do a complete 180 in my life, and I put a lot of that down to the work I did with David"


Derrick Sweet - Chairman and CEO of Healthy Wealthy and Wise foundation

"David was extremely knowledgeable and professional in helping me make the changes that had to happen in my life. I underwent some horrific times, but David's experience and attention to detail enabled me to see some light at the end of the tunnel"


Julie Leveridge - Manager AIG insurance, Melbourne

"Couldn't be more pleased with my experience with David. He was quickly able to figure out my needs and get me back on track in my life"


Amber Ferrer - Small business Owner, New Brunswick

"I lost two of my closest family members in the space of 4 months. I didn't know who to reach out to, then was recommended David by a friend who had done some coaching with him. At first I was apprehensive as I didn't believe anyone would understand what I was going through. And that's how David made me feel, and then made me realize it was okay to feel like that, because it was my loss. He was able to offer so many suggestions and plans that made me begin to get over my grief, and once I had really accepted that my dad and brother were gone, he was able to help with the transition back into every day working life. I am so glad that he was recommended to me and would strongly suggest anyone struggling to find hope after a tough loss contact David. He can and will help"


Emma Siebold - Yoga studio owner, Melbourne

"We had a loss that almost ripped our family apart. We got in touch with David after watching his Youtube video and couldn't believe that someone who had endured so much could be so positive so we wanted his "secret". David responded immediately, and even although we were on different sides of the country, we used video calling and were able to have 6 sessions where he helped us get over that loss. In 6 hours, we as a family had gone from utter despair to being able to look back at the past and remember the happier moments. I'm not sure exactly how he does it, but after talking with him you almost feel an obligation to start handling things better in life"


Darren Devine - Finance manager, Sydney

" I got in touch with David after learning about his story. I had some massive things to overcome in my life and i knew they were holding me back, but I didn't know how to go about things. After a consultation with David, I knew that he would be able to help, and I really felt like everything we did was tailored completely to my situation, and not stuff that may have worked for some of his other clients. That approach spoke volumes to me, and I have already recommended David to several people who I believe would benefit from speaking with him"


Christof Zellweger - Athlete and business owner, Zurich 

"I wasn't sure at first about contacting David. I knew he had gone through a lot of tragedy and having experienced some of my own, I wasn't sure if it was the right move. I went for it, and after 2 months of working with him it was one of the best decisions I could have made. David was able to help me cope with my circumstances much better than I was, and taught me that there were so many positives that could be drawn from what had happened, I just had to look for them. I feel much better off now and know that i have strength in me to deal with the harder parts of life, and that's all thanks to David.

Susanne Caw - Senior business manager at Contour Solutions, Glasgow

"I recently attended a Masterclass in Healthcare Leadership - this was the best professional development I've attended in a long time. Frank was truly excellent - his casual, personable style made learning and interfacing with other attendees easy and enjoyable. I truly enjoyed sorting through my personal leadership mindset assessment analysis to see how my own strengths and weaknesses contribute to my ability to lead and be successful in my personal and workplace ecosystems. Needless to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and I'm currently applying techniques I've learned into practice."


Dr. Jane Anne Howard - Zone 3 Eastern - Nova Scotia Health Authority 

"Both personally and professionally, my work with Frank was a winning investment. I was fully engaged throughout and left energized and motivated to make and participate in changes. This support is not a painful self-reflection exercise, but instead helps identify what you do now, why it works or doesn't and how to move forward realistically. I would recommend this support to all physicians, at any stage of their careers." 


Dr. Emily Rice - Zone 3 Eastern - Nova Scotia Health Authority 

"After meeting Frank, my life radically changed. Through his guidance and support he identified what I did well as a leader, but he also challenged me as to what I needed to work on. This was a defining moment in my life and my career. My weight gain was under control, as I was on an active program, my role as an administrator had changed because through his guidance I had a clear focus on how to make changes and make things happen. The journey that I am on continues to this day. My vigour has not left. People say they see a new Mike! I would not have been able to do this or attempt this change if I had not met Frank. I know that through his guidance that I believe and feel that I am a non-passive, effective and positive leader that believes in change and fostering a culture that supports staff and students."


I speak from the heart in saying, “Frank gave me the confidence to be a better and effective leader that in turn made me a better person”. 


Michael O'Toole - Principal, Sugarloaf Senior High School, ASD-N, New Brunswick 

"Frank has a wonderful way of relating to people that warms them up, builds trust, and opens them to challenges. He is fast on his feet, very “frank” but very respectful and keeps hitting the nail on the head.”


Jeff Moore - CEO Just Us! Coffee Roasters Co-op

I have been working with Frank on my LSI mindset develop plan. He has given me the strength to look constructively at my areas of improvement.  His professional constructive approach has allowed me to talk openly and honestly about my leadership issues and challenges, but more importantly to look forward at the ways I can become a better leader.  His “frankness” is always appreciated. 

Senior Leader, Halifax Regional Municipality

“My work with Frank Gallant has given me a much deeper understanding of leadership styles (mindset) in general, but more importantly a customized assessment of my own basic styles, strengths and opportunities to enhance my leadership practices in the future. The materials, activities and Frank’s personal insights are based on real-life experience and suggest concrete, actionable application of the leadership styles we discussed. I would highly recommend the opportunity to work with him.” 

Craig Caldwell - Director of Schools, Anglophone School District North, New Brunswick

“In my career, I have never worked with someone who was so adept at providing focused, extremely helpful and needed feedback. Frank not only understands and teaches the dimensions of group interactions and individual dynamics, he actively models these aspects in his work with clients. If you need a highly skilled and courageously candid mindset coach, Frank is the coach for you.” 

Tayna Whitney - Director of Schools, Anglophone School District West, New Brunswick

"Thank you for taking time to meet with me last night. I wanted to make change in my life but until last night I couldn’t quite pinpoint the problem(s) and a means to change, you and the LSI mindset assessment have helped me with both. I have started to read the Middle Passage and would like to continue on this journey of meaning"


Again, thanks Frank. I am already feeling less stressed and calmer.


Mr. Williamson - Halifax, Nova Scotia