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David Garner


Originally hailing from the small town of Denny, Scotland, David has been working in the Coaching and Counselling industry since 2011. As a fully certified Master Coach Practitioner, David has worked with a wide range of clients across Australia, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and across Canada. 

David specializes in Grief Coaching, however his passion lies in helping his client's from varying backgrounds deal with their stress and setbacks in order to achieve their desired outcomes. David's own life story has shaped him into one of the foremost figures in assisting people to cope with unexpected tragedies, and he devotes a lot of his time to honing his motivational speaking, so as to reach as broad an audience of people as possible.

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Frank Gallant


Frank is our “mind-set subject matter expert.” He is a mindset (self) leadership development and culture change specialist, with over 28 years of experience in teaching and consulting a wide range of clients across Canada. He and his wife Heather started Peak Experiences, in 1992 to help individuals and organizations maximize the connection between leadership, culture and performance.

Frank has assess the mindsets of over 10,000 individuals and has recognized consistent patterns in a significant number of his clients with regards to the impact of nadir experiences. Much of his practice to date has been deepening an approach to help his clients strive for a more authentic and holistic life. Partnering with Heather and David, they wanted to provide a more compassionate and effective approach to assisting people who are struggle in life and wish to grow through these experiences. In all of his coaching work, Frank incorporates the latest brain science research, mindset / behavioural psychology and social engagement skills and how these foundations can strengthen a person's ability to heal and move forward in their lives. Frank lives on the coast on Antigonish Harbour in rural Nova Scotia with his wife Heather.  

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